N-Stalker Support Team December 16, 2013 Tips & Tricks

This article explains how to properly configure N-Stalker's directory permissions.


1) As an administrative user, right-click on N-Stalker's installation folder and select  "Properties".




2) Go to the "Security" tab and click on "Advanced".




3) Select the user or group of users to modify and click on "Edit".




4) Mark the checkboxes in the "Deny" column to revoke the privileges and select "OK".




5) Log in using another user account with no privileges and try to access N-Stalker's installation
folder. If the configuration is correct, you should not be able to open it:



N-Stalker Support Team October 3, 2013 Solutions

This article explains step-by-step how to add events to N-Stalker's Web Proxy feature.

1) Start N-Stalker's Web Proxy and click in "Start Proxy".





2) Click in "Intercept Off" and select "Configure events".






3) Right-click inside the table and select "Add Event".






4) Select the search options:

- Event Type: specifies the event type (request, response or both).

- Location: specifies where the search will be performed (header, body, URI or all three).

- Match Type: capture only the traffic containing the the pattern from "Expression" field ("Positive Match") or the traffic without it 
("Negative Match").

- Expression: specifies the pattern to be found. The search engine is case sensitive.






In the example, the filters are:

- Capture requests and responses containing the pattern "login" in the message body

- Capture requests containing the pattern "POST" in header or body fields

- Capture responses containing the pattern "Server:" in the header field


5) After setting the events, click in "Intercept Off" to select where the traffic will be saved and start navigating through the application.

In this example, the traffic will be displayed in the user's interface and is not going to be available for further analysis. If this operation is successful, the button will switch its name to "Intercept On".


 Example: Navigating through an application (Gmail)




6) To see the captured traffic in details, click in "Intercepted Raw Data".





7) When a response to the applicatin is requested, the tab "Intercepted Raw Data" will pop up. Click in "Send Response" to proceed.






Example: Intercepted login data:





8) Click in "Stop Proxy" to stop the capture. In this example, the data was not saved for further analysis due to the option described in step 5. To perform this, the correct option is "Intercept HTTP to a text file".

N-Stalker Support Team September 24, 2013 Tips & Tricks

N-Stalker Support Articles

How to update the N-Stalker Database

In this article, you will get an overview on how to update the N-Stalker database, which allows you to use the scanner successfully. Please follow the steps below:

1) Open N-Stalker Security Scanner X.


2) If you need to configure a Proxy Server and Proxy authentication, click on "Global Option". If you have already configured your proxy settings or your connection does not use a proxy, go to step 4.


3) Under "Proxy Settings", you must enter a Proxy address (host/IP) and TCP port to have a valid configuration.

Don't forget to check option "Use Proxy to communicate with N-Stalker (updates)".


4) Click on "Update Manager" to update your N-Stalker database.


5) You should click on "Update" button to obtain the latest signature and software updates available from N-Stalker.


6) The database's updates will be installed into your N-Stalker license.


7) When your N-Stalker will be totally updated, you will be able to run N-Stalker with success.


N-Stalker Support Team June 27, 2013 Announcements

As of now, the latest edition of our web app security assessment tool, N-Stalker Web Application Security X, is available for immediate upgrade through the automatic update system. There is a big change from our previous version: users will be able to transparently migrate their installation and data when moving from 2012 to version X.

This latest edition is packaged with an improved version of our patent-granted assessment engine, a technology that is being successfully used in our service platform for the last 8 months. Among the major improvements, it is relevant to  mention the following:


Parallel Spider Engine


N-Stalker debuts a new spider engine to allow simultaneous fetching of web resources. This new feature provides a more effective way to traverse your application and search for web interfaces. If you want to inspect multiple requests, just press “Track Spider” and follow N-Stalker’s HTTP activities on demand.


Improved Attack Engine



N-Stalker X attack modules are based on a customized engine running LUA language. It provides a flexible integration and allow for a fast introduction of new attack patterns.  From OWASP Top 10 to CWE Top 25, N-Stalker X provides way to integrate your own signatures into his own inspection engine.



Enhanced Web Engine


Based on open-source engine, N-Stalker X supports all kind of modern technologies such as HTML5, Flash/Flex and Javascript language, including full support for asynchronous requests (Ajax experience). N-Stalker will interpret scripts and integrates your HTML’s DOM (Document Object Model) just like if a human-guided web browser was navigating through your application. Proprietary objects such as Shockwave/Flash applications will be easily processed allowing for a transparent crawling process.


Integrated Web Proxy for inline testing


An integrated web proxy in N-Stalker’s spider engine to allow for a drive-thru navigation and security testing for restricted and well-defined scopes. Just open your favorite browser, run your test cases and record well-known application transactions that can be used for an extended security assessment.


Support for manual security testing


Do you need to run restricted tests against your application? Manual security tests allows you to control which and where the security tests can be applied within your web application. Just point the resource and click to initiate a very specific assessment.


Download now

Download N-Stalker X now. Follow the instructions below:

For additional support, please contact us via support@nstalker.com.